A2Z Group is a forerunner of the belief that we need to judiciously use the resources in the present so that it can be saved and nurtured for the future generations. The exhaustible resources like fossil fuels that we use for energy generation today are limited. So, it is the need of the hour to adopt the use of renewable sources of energy for power generation. This not only saves exhaustible resources for future generations but it also fosters a cleaner and greener environment.

The Green Technology is a buzzword in the present scenario and it has even become imperative as it promotes the use of renewable and eco-friendly sources of energy. These sources take into account both short-term and long-term impacts on the environment and enhance the quality of life. The technology ensures a healthy and safe environment. So, sustainable development is must for a better world.

A2Z realized this need to forge towards sustainable development. As a step forward towards sustainable development, we generate power from the end-residuals of solid waste products in our power plants. The Group carries out the generation of power through the residues of municipal solid waste. Our flagship Company A2Z Infra Engineering Limited takes care of all the operations related to the niche of conversion of waste to energy.

Strategic Roadmap

Being an infrastructure company, it adopts sustainable practices that generate clean and green energy. The group is rapidly incorporating Green Technology in its infrastructure. To further strengthen its efforts of sustainable development, the company plans to build scale in Green Technology solutions and serve different verticals of power sector ranging from power generation to its distribution. The company envisions establishing renewable energy plants in many other places and becoming one of the forerunners in the field of waste processing & disposal and power generation using waste.

Service areas

  • Power Generation
  • Renewable Energy Generation – Waste to energy

The Group has set up biomass projects in different locations. In these plants, foresty, agricultural & agro-industrial wastes and RDF derived from the municipal wastes. We are using RDF as primary fuel for generation of power .

Major achievements

During our short operational period of a decade and a half, we have been able to set new benchmarks in the industry and contribute sustainably to the power sector. Our achievements exemplify our excellence. Some of these include:

  • Collaborated with sugar mills for a period of 15 years in Punjab to set up three power plants that were operated on BOOT (Built, Own, Operate and Transfer) basis.
  • The company developed an indigenous process in waste processing plant whereby RDF is derived from the Municipal Solid waste and supplied to power plants for energy generation.
  • We are processing around 1,100 MT per day municipal solid waste at Ludhiana through our subsidiary, A2Z Waste Management (Ludhiana) Limited. Right now RDF is being transported from our Ludhiana Waste Processing facility to Nakodar power plant which is at around 50 KM from Ludhiana.