fms Business

Business Overview
We are a multi-service FMS company providing comprehensive one-stop solutions to our clients. We differentiate ourselves by leveraging our engineering skills and assisting clients in adopting preventive maintenance and energy saving solutions. Our FMS services include engineering maintenance (mechanical, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, DG Set), energy saving solutions, janitorial services, parking management and security services to public and private sector clients. Our existing contracts require us to undertake and provide management of shopping malls, integrated facility management, project management consultancy and quality assurance services. In addition, we also provide specialized services to the Indian Railways under the CTS scheme, OBHS scheme and IRC scheme in 11 of the 16 railway zones in India. We have been in this business since the incorporation of the Company and we operate it through our subsidiaries, a2z Infraservices and CNCS.
Industry Overview
Facility management is a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology. In the broader framework of a growing economy, sectors such as financing, insurance, real estate and business services to have grown. Growth in these sectors has led to a demand for supporting infrastructure and management of the same is emerging as a business model. Such management solutions have a place for organizations spread geographically such as the Indian Railways and also places such as offices, malls etc.